Audition, Industry Listing.

FRANK: A man in his sixties or seventies. A creature of habit, Frank lives in a clearly drawn box of daily routines that offer him very few surprises in life. He comes off as a know-it-all on most subjects and is generally a curmudgeonly man.

ERNIE: A widower in his sixties or seventies with some heart issues. Ernie is a man of simple pleasures and a true friend to Frank. He always sees the positive in life and believes in nurturing relationships both new and old.

MAUREEN "MO" KELLEY: A down-to-earth woman in her mid-fifties who has run the same diner for 25 years. She is a free spirit and yearns for adventure.
LYRA NOORANI: A young woman in her (college-age)who feels discriminated against in the small town her father has moved her to. Her surly exterior is often employed to stave off anticipated prejudice from others. She takes refuge in astronomy and her desire to make it her career,

MOHAMMAD NOORANI: A man in his mid-fifties who emigrated from East Asia to Canada, lookingfor a safer, more small-town life for his daughter. He is resourceful and hopeful about being a prosperous restaurant owner.

JOHNNY: A young pre-med student who becomes a regular at the coffee shop. He is a friend to Lyra and offers "interjectory" internet insights regularly, both trivial and profound.

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