Health and Safety Commitment Policy

TAPA and its Board of Directors are committed to ensuring and protecting the health and safety of its most valuable resource: its people. We make every effort to provide employees, contracted personnel, customers, visitors and volunteers with a safe and healthy work environment, while continuously striving to eliminate any identified hazard that might result in injury to people or damage to property.

This commitment will be fulfilled through our Health and Safety policies and procedures as articulated in the TAPA Workplace Harassment Policy and the TAPA Workplace Violence Policy which are in compliance with all applicable federal and provincial legislation. These policies and procedures will be reviewed periodically to ensure their ongoing effectiveness.

Health and safety is a shared commitment. It is everyone’s responsibility to recognize hazards in the workplace, to protect their own safety while they are working in the office, and to respect the health and safety policies of the organization.

In addition, TAPA considers it part of its mandate to inform its members of their responsibility to embrace, implement and enforce Health and Safety policies and procedures within their respective theatres and work-spaces.

At TAPA, the safety of the public, our volunteers and anyone who works at and for TAPA is important. Health and safety will take priority in all areas of the theatre, and there is no task so urgent that it cannot be completed safely. Through continuous, cooperative and joint efforts, a positive climate will be created, and health and safety goals will be achieved.

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