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In the fall of 2016, theatre maven and master teacher Adam Lazarus will launch Play On Theatre.

Focusing solely on supporting artists developing new work, Play On Theatre is a completely unique performance training centre in Canada.

Based in Toronto, the school fosters artistic risk, experimentation and innovation. Play On Theatre is for artists who want to create and who have something to say—a seed of an idea, a full script, or a design that they want to explore more deeply and with guidance. Theatre creators of all disciplines (including actors, dancers, writers, directors, performance artists, choreographers, intellects, storytellers and entertainers) will find a home at Play On Theatre.

The school’s instructors are seasoned professionals who specialize in bringing ideas, scripts, and designs to life onstage. Instructors are, above all, committed to supporting artists’ distinctive virtuosity and creating dynamic performances.

Play On Theatre is a unique creation-based training ground.  In Canada there is currently no extended instruction for theatre artists who wish to develop their personal creative aesthetic and voice,” says Artistic Director Adam Lazarus. “Our vision is that Play On Theatre will begin to fill this vital aspect of theatre training in Canada.”

Play On Theatre’s fall session starts with two three-week workshops, culminating in public performances. The school will run year-round with guest instructors leading specialized intensives in various theatrical forms including; le Jeu, solo show creation, movement, physical theatre (mask, bouffon, clown, melodrama, and character). As well, the school will offer workshops in contemporary practices that inform creation, including the study of audience dynamics, the use of colour, light, objects, and sound.

Instructors for the inaugural workshops represent some of Canada’s best creators across the theatrical spectrum, including:

  • Ann-Marie Kerr (play creation and direction)
  • Guillermo Verdecchia (dramaturgy and direction)
  • Kate Alton (movement and choreography)
  • Adam Paolozza (movement analysis)
  • Michelle Ramsay (lighting design and technical direction)
  • Derrick Chua (producing)
  • Melissa D'Agostino (apprentice instructor and dramaturge)

For more information about Play On Theatre visit the website at

CONTACT: Sue Edworthy/Adam Lazarus

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