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Oh hi there, thanks for dropping by.

The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Personally, a production of a new musical of mine was cancelled on March 13, 2020. Yeah, Friday the 13th. Like, come on right? It’s such a weird mix of feelings. Yes it was absolutely the right decision. 100%. But so, so, SO disappointing. That production was years in the making, and my co-creator and artistic team had a lot invested. We didn’t just lose a chance to develop the work, but also to share it, celebrate it, and potentially connect with further opportunities. Instead, I went home, where I was alone, disappointed, and facing a whole lot of free time.

I have three main goals with this project:

  • It helps to get some of the great work that you’ve done out to the world, and projects that were cancelled get the word of mouth that they missed out on;
  • We are able to keep feeling a sense of artistic community, even from our living rooms, and;
  • Artists are able to continue to engage with their projects by making videos, sharing work, and celebrating the work of others.

I have really no idea what will come of all this. Regardless, just know that if you’re making art, you’re not alone! Can’t wait to see your work!


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