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Associated Designers of Canada (ADC) is pleased to announce the selected participants in Canada’s entry to the competition of Countries and Regions at the 13th edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ2015).

Sometimes referred to as the “Olympics of Scenography”, the Quadrennial typically welcomes over 1000 artists from 70 countries to exhibit their work, and attracts over 50,000 visitors during the 11 day event (June 17 to 28, 2015).

The exhibition has been conceptualized by ADC member Patrick Du Wors around a quintessentially Canadian experience: the outhouse. Assembled in a beautiful baroque-period ballroom in the Clam-Gallas Palace, each outhouse will showcase a single production, becoming an individual theatre for an audience of one. Each outhouse interior will be wholly customized with photographs, sketches, lighting, sound and projection as well as actual artefacts from the production. By shifting the context of design from its traditional public setting to the supremely private confines of an outhouse, this installation seeks to provoke a fresh appreciation of the immersive sensory experience imparted by strong design. The execution of the exhibit design has been overseen by David Fraser.

To find out who has been chosen visit the flipbook website below.

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