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Toronto ON… ArtsVote Toronto announces the online release of the 2018 Councillor and Mayoral Report Card, grading the incumbent and challenger candidates at

The ArtsVote Report Card has been a key part of arts advocacy at the City since 1994. Candidates were sent a comprehensive survey that helped evaluate their awareness of the needs of the arts community, their interest in engaging with artists in their Wards, and their willingness to act as advocates for the arts and culture sector. Incumbent candidates were also graded on their previous voting records.

During the 2018 municipal election campaign, ArtsVote is focussing on three key themes:

  1. Arts and Culture Champions
  2. Inclusion and Equity
  3. Growth and Livability

ArtsVote Toronto endeavored to contact all candidates listed on the City of Toronto’s election website, either by email or phone, and the survey was emailed to candidates. A group of assessors independently evaluated all the completed surveys. ArtsVote also examined the incumbents’ voting records on arts-related issues at City Council and track records of arts-related projects in their ward, as well as the indication of an arts and culture platform on candidate websites, and factored these results into final grades.

“Artsvote is pleased to be able to provide information on how supportive of the arts municipal election candidates seem to be. It’s been a challenging year to obtain and provide information in a timely fashion so we want to thank the candidates who made extraordinary efforts to provide us with their approaches to the arts in Toronto,” said ArtsVote co-Chair Kendra Fry. “Arts and culture are significant economic drivers of this city and are a part of what makes Toronto a desirable place to live, work and play. We hope that the information proves useful to the community at large and, more importantly, that everyone gets out and votes on October 22nd,” she added.

In the case where an incumbent did not return a survey, the incumbent was graded solely on their voting record on arts-related issues and track record of arts-related projects in their ward.

The ARTSVOTE Report Card will help 200,000 artists and arts workers living in Toronto to make their presence felt by electing candidates who wholeheartedly support the arts, who promote the contribution of art & culture to public life, and who encourage partnerships between government, art, education and the workforce to in the interests of a shared future. Visit for more information.

ArtsVote Toronto 2018 is a coalition of volunteers, working to elect candidates who support the arts in the October 22nd municipal election. Our goals are to communicate the value of the arts to candidates for Councillor and Mayor, and to mobilize all arts workers and citizens to vote for candidates who are committed to building and sustaining a vibrant arts community in Toronto.

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