Comfort - post-show with sushi-making for the soul Sang Kim, honouring the comfort women that inspired the play, Comfort

December 7, 2016, after evening show -Sang Kim, chef & writer of "A Dream called Laundry"

Sang Kim is behind some of the most iconic modern Asian restaurants in the city of Toronto, and runs Canada’s most popular sushi making class, Sushi Making For The Soul. His play, A Dream Called Laundry, published in 2007, is about a comfort woman living in Toronto. He has two books coming out in 2017: Woody Allen Ate My Kimchi, a food and restaurant memoir, and Eating Dogs, a collection of literary short stories. Sang will be offering temaki rolls to the audience, using Chinese and Korean ingredients (with a variety of seafood and vegetarian options) to celebrate this great play about the strength and courage of women from these countries.

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