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Eight Companies Under One Roof

We are thrilled to announce the Dance Card, a wonderful collaboration between The Theatre Centre and eight remarkable dance companies: adelheid, Public Recordings, Kẹmi Contemporary Dance Projects, Nova Dance, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Compañía Carmen Romero, Kaeja d'Dance, and MOonhORsE.
Sharp-edged. A treasure. Vigorous and intense. Redolent with disturbing beauty. Dynamo. These are some of the words which have been used to describe the work of the eight celebrated dance companies which, by some happy coincidence, are all renting our space at some point this year to present their creations.

In keeping with The Theatre Centre's spirit of adventure, and together with our friends, we've created the Dance Card to encourage you to see the work of an artist you've never encountered. Select from a variety of subscription packages and save over 40%! Please visit the Dance Card page for more information and to purchase your pass.

We kick off the year with our own co-production of Heidi Strauss’ what it’s like, which has been developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre.

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