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(TORONTO, ON – April 22, 2015) Equity in Theatre (EIT) is pleased to announce the release of its recent research study, “Achieving Equity in Canadian Theatre: A Report with Best Practice Recommendations,” by Dr. Michelle MacArthur.

Equity in Theatre is a multi-pronged and multi-stakeholder initiative designed to help redress and rectify existent gender inequities in the theatre industry. As a first step, EIT engaged Dr. Michelle MacArthur to generate a preparatory research study, the purpose of which is two-fold: i) to provide an update on the current status of women in Canadian theatre; and, ii) to analyze past equity initiatives and related follow-up actions at home and abroad, in theatre and elsewhere, culminating in a series of “best practice” recommendations. The idea with this is to ensure that we do not repeat past mistakes or waste time reinventing the wheel, but rather that we capitalize on successful gains and maximize our impact.

The report’s findings will serve as a foundational framework for EIT as it moves forward, for instance, informing the proceedings of the upcoming Symposium, and pointing the way toward possible future actions. It is our hope that the EIT report will serve as a source of inspiration, and act as a catalyst ¬for change, for individuals and institutions, in the theatre sector and beyond.

Are you wondering how women fare in the current climate, and what can be done to help improve the situation? Check out the EIT report to find out! You can view the study in its entirety, or peruse a four-page Executive Summary with Study Highlights, by visiting the EIT website at:

With this report, and a new online presence, Equity in Theatre will continue to foster dialogue on an (inter)national scale, develop social actions that will help effect change, and generate greater awareness of and exposure to Canadian women in theatre. To find out more, visit the EIT website (

Our heartfelt thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for making EIT and this report possible!


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