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Canada's 42nd General Election is a great opportunity for theatres to join with others to let the parties and candidates know about what the arts offers Canadians, our communities and our country.

Canadians support live theatre. It creates jobs, contributes to the economy and enriches our communities. Our leaders, the political parties and all the candidates need to hear from you, (and the artists, your staff, and volunteers) to know this and recognize its importance.

We have tools to help. If you haven't already, download the Canadian Arts Coalition's Arts Vote Election Toolkit.

  • Use the toolkit, together with PACT's own resources, to tell candidates your compelling part in the success of Canadian theatre.
  • Contact each candidate to ask their views on arts support and policy. Let them know you are an important part of your community. Give them the briefing note on live theatre in Canada.
  • Encourage your board, staff and volunteers to use these resources as well and to ask candidates questions on the arts at meetings and at the door.
  • Reach out to all the candidates in your community, not just those where your theatre is located. Contact candidates in ridings where you work, where you live, and where your organization tours or produces work. With 30 new ridings, we have more people to connect with.

What PACT will do
Together with the Canadian Arts Coalition, PACT will keep members up to date via Advocacy Alerts on arts-specific issues during the election and things you can do to spread the word.

To date, none of the parties has made an arts-specific campaign promises or pledges. If and when they do, we'll make sure you know about them.

Other Resources

It's important to make parties and candidates aware of theatre and arts issues.  It's also important to stay within the rules when doing so. Here are two resources to help:

Make sure any statement or action your theatre undertakes, or any event your theatre hosts, is non-partisan.

For more information contact:
Sara Meurling
Executive Director, PACT
416-595-6455 x.11

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