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FOOi is a simple, fast and safe way to share money in the moment using your phone

FOOi Facts:
• FOOi is an alternative to collecting donations when cash isn't available.
• Multiple donors can donate simultaneously. You don't have to have 30 volunteers going around collecting donations or have donors wait in line to donate.
• FOOi's in-house development team can export donor information into a format that is compatible with your current CRM software to streamline the tax-receipting process.
• Downloading the app is free, there is no time commitment and no risk associated.
• There is no cost to use FOOi other than the withdrawal fee once donations are received.

What is FOOi?
FOOi is a simple, fast and safe way to share money in the moment using your phone. It is there to be your personal digital wallet to send and receive money.

How to use FOOi to Collect Donations:
At the end of a performance, when you have a captive audience, you can do a call to action for donations. With the app, your audience will be able to donate instantly with just a few taps without having to leave their seats. The donation is instant, you can watch as the number of donations grows in real time through the app.
Learn more by watching the video on how FOOi makes fundraising easy

FOOi believes that actions speak louder than words; big or small, anyone can make an impact. Give audience member’s a chance to make an impact, let them share money in the moment with FOOi even if they don’t have cash or change on them.

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