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Date: March 6, 2020

Are you in Toronto and hoping to catch The Archivist? Don’t worry, we got ya covered! We’re offering a free bus from Kipling Station to Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre for the 7:30pm performance of The Archivist on Friday March 6th. If interested, please visit  to reserve your spot on the bus.

seeking responses
Are you a person of colour and interested in this show? Would you be willing to send us a response/reaction/review of it? We are currently looking for BIPOC folk to respond to the work and continue the conversation.

A message to potential reviewers from Shaista Latif: 
“Storytelling is a mirror and a tool. It’s important to me as a performer that the work is not limited to the stage. This form of performance can never be reduced to a simple biography or to a form of self-expression that is made and lived alone. Since the inception of The Archivist in 2015, having BIPOC reviewers take part of the work has been crucial to the growth of the show. As marginalized peoples, we fight to be seen and heard in a world that refuses our humanity. My devotion as an artist, is to disrupt western narratives of our cultures and to push for representations of endurance and empowerment. I want to remove the barrier between artist and audience by opening up channels to speak. Your review/ response can take on any form and any length. I warmly encourage you to address, challenge and explore the complexities of identity and what speaks to you and confronts you in The Archivist.”

Please email to reserve a complimentary ticket.

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