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Time flies! It's hard to believe SpaceFinder Toronto launched just over a year ago, and we're thrilled to see Toronto's creative sector benefiting from this valuable tool.

To celebrate SpaceFinder Toronto's one year anniversary, we thought we would share a few milestones from the last year:

Over $41,300 in matches of renter to space!

Smart venues are adopting features that attract renters

SpaceFinder Toronto currently has 442 spaces listed! Here's how that breaks down by discipline:

  • 277 Dance spaces
  • 290 Music spaces
  • 314 Theatre spaces
  • 273 Film spaces
  • 239 Visual Arts spaces

Other neat facts from the last year:

  • Over 160,000 page views
  • Visited by 18,682 users
  • Renters searching for space spend more than an average of 5 minutes  browsing SpaceFinder Toronto listings

Thank you for making SpaceFinder Toronto's first year so great—we look forward to many more.


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