We need your support!

The latest Coalition survey revealed staggering evidence that there is a critical need for an immediate rollout of the new Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program (HASCAP), as promised in the Fall Economic Statement.

Key findings: 

  • Without access to government support, more than 70% of respondents will be unable to stay in business
  • Without new financing, almost 70% of respondents will not make it to the summer
  • Further, more than 40% respondents will not make it to the end of February

The government needs to know that these hardest-hit businesses will not survive without more support, resulting in business closures and substantial job losses. Our voices are needed now to amplify this message to parliamentarians.

To highlight the urgency and encourage Government action, we will be sharing a letter with all Members of Parliament on behalf of the Coalition, calling on the government to implement HASCAP immediately and ensure it is ready to receive applications in early January. We have also re-tooled our Coalition microsite to support this ask. 

But we need your support: We are asking all coalition partners, your respective teams, and your membership networks, to send a letter to their local Member of Parliament. We need at least 500 letters sent to MPs before the end of the week. It will take less than 1 minute to send using the prepopulated letter available on our Coalition microsite: /

Thank you for your efforts in both sharing and sending your letters, and for amplifying our collective voice!

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