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Honorary Lifetime PACT Membership

In recognition of his lifelong contributions to theatre, outgoing  President and CEO of the National Arts Centre (NAC), Peter Herrndorf has been awarded an Honorary Lifetime PACT Membership. Over the course of his career he has worked on countless projects, sat on various boards, and held numerous positions, however, he has made his biggest mark at the NAC, who he joined as its CEO in 1999. Along with Artistic Director Kevin Loring and Executive Director Lori Marchand he has spearheaded the creation of the Indigenous Theatre at the NAC, placed an emphasis on Canadian creators and Canadian stories, as well as, stood mentor to hundreds of professional actors, producers, creator and administrators. On his last day at the NAC, June 2nd, Herrndorf will be honored with the Governor General's Performing Arts Award.

On being recognized for his illustrious career in the arts his colleagues say, "Peter is a visionary who knows what a national performing arts centre can be and can achieve, but as his artistic team we find ourselves being led by him lightly, nearly invisibly. Some of us have found ourselves coming up with all kinds of original ideas and notions that in fact he seeded months ago. It's only in those moments, after the execution of a project, that we recognize it: the projects we realize are illuminations of the ideals he instills in all of us. What you see on stage are the results of what Peter has been planning all along. That's the mark of a leader who considers the casting of his artistic team his own greatest artistic act. He trusts his choices, he respects our decisions and he inspires us to make the NAC stronger, more vibrant, more adventurous, more necessary."

JILLIAN KEILEY, Artistic Director, NAC English Theatre

KEVIN LORING, Artistic Director, NAC Indigenous Theatre

BRIGITTE HAENTJENS, Artistic Director, NAC French Theatre

CATHY LEVY, Executive Producer, NAC DANCE

ALEXANDER SHELLEY, Music Director, NAC Orchestra

KENTON LEIER, Executive Chef, NAC

HEATHER GIBSON, Executive Producer, NAC Presents

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