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At this time of year, the theatre, dance and opera sector would typically be celebrating the launch of the 2020-21 season. Instead the industry continues to feel the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • While many parts of our economy cautiously begin to reopen, the performing arts remain largely dark - amongst the first to close and will be the last to re-open
  • The impact to date in Toronto is 25,000 cancelled or postponed public performances; $500 million lost ticket sales; 20 million lost audience members 

To raise awareness of the effect of the pandemic on the theatre, dance and opera community in Toronto we are inviting you, our audiences to join artists in celebrating our vibrant cultural landscape.

JOIN the Campaign!

We need your support to encourage all theatre, dance and opera lovers to participate. The #iMissLiveTheatreTO campaign officially launches 10:00am, Monday, September 21 with a LAUNCH VIDEO to kick off the week via the TAPA YouTube channel.

TAPA has created 3 Easy Options for You to Join the #iMissLiveTheatreTO campaign!


  • Record a 7 second video of MY FAVOURITE TORONTO THEATRE MOMENT to share to any social media platform with the hashtag #iMissLiveTheatreTO
  • This can be a favourite production, a specific moment in a production, a backstage experience, or a specific tradition surrounding going to the theatre (e.g. the moment when the lights go down). Make sure the message captures the feeling that the moment brought you.


Choose an image that reflects MY FAVOURITE TORONTO THEATRE MOMENT you have articulated and add the #iMissLiveTheatreTO brand to it:

  • Go to
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Import the photo from your computer or Facebook
  • After the upload select “edit”
  • Choose “Watermark → Logo”
  • Choose Import Logo and upload the attached #IMissLiveTheatreTO watermark
  • Position the wordmark anywhere on your photo that you like and click “Finish”

Choose Download and create a free account to receive your image. Post your branded photo and message on your favourite social media sites and end with the hashtag #iMissLiveTheatreTO


  • Download and Print the poster #iMissLiveTheatreTO to publicly display in your windows or doorways:


  • On September 22, light your front porch 1 hour after sunset in red as part of #LightUpLive A Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community and post a photo to the hashtag #iMissLiveTheatreTO
  • If you can't #LightItUpLive check out your favourite theatre, dance and opera company's marquee and venue to see how they are #LightingItUpLive
  • Click HERE for more details on LightUpLive and our partner organization LIVE EVENT COMMUNITY

Thank you for supporting #iMissLiveTheatreTO!

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