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On behalf of the Board, Leadership, and entire team at Why Not Theatre we are excited to announce the appointment of Miriam Fernandes as Co-Artistic Director. Miriam joins the leadership team alongside Ravi Jain, Co-Artistic Director and Founder, and Kelly Read, Executive Director.

This change is reflective of our new organizational structure – which foregrounds increased collaboration and shared decision-making – and serves to acknowledge the impact that Miriam has had, and will have, on Why Not. 
“Why Not has always been a company that has moved and inspired me by boldly reimagining what theatre can be. Over the past few years, I have been provided with great support to grow into a leadership role. The strength of the shared leadership model that we work within has empowered not only me, but our entire team, to grow and has expanded the vision and mission of the company into something much greater than the sum of its parts. This spirit of reimagining possible worlds is what drew me to Why Not, and what continues to guide us into the future. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and feel so lucky to work with a team that believes that anything is possible.”— Miriam Fernandes, Co-Artistic Director 

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