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Sutherland-Chan Student is now open in our new location at: 

Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy
15 Gervais Drive, North York (Don Mills and Eglinton).
416-924-1107 x 10
COVID-19 Protocols: 

We offer Wellness massage therapy from our Year 1 Students, a great stress reliever during these difficult times for $40.00/appointment. 

We also offer more focused massage therapy for specific conditions from our Year 2 Students for $47.00/appointment. 

We also have student and senior’s discounts for the different years - $35 for Year 1 and $40 for Year 2! 

We also offer specialty clinics for just $20.00/appointment which include: 

  • Pregnancy Clinic 
  • Sports Clinic 
  • MS Clinic 
  • Breast and Top Surgery Clinic 
  • Seniors Clinic 
  • Thai Massage Clinic 
  • Headaches and Concussions Clinic 
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain Clinic 

Come and see us today. Our COVID protocols are stringent and we stand ready to help make the most of this time for you. 

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