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The Theatre Centre needs your help.

With the help of CultureLink, this month we are excited to launch a Fund What You Can Campaign to help raise money for The Theatre Centre's Newcomer Initiative. With the recent wave of Syrian newcomers to Canada, we saw an opportunity to welcome people into our building and into the artistic community. We also saw a chance to provide newcomers with employable skills that they could use to help them build their new life in Canada.

We will open up our Café/Bar as a training facility for one newcomer at a time. It is a small contribution, but a meaningful chance to learn hands-on job skills for future employment as well as practice new language skills in the service environment.

In order to make this program a reality, we need your help. Please visit our FWYC page to learn more about the initiative, discover the great perks on offer, and to make a donation today. Thanks for your support!

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