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New theatre space in Artscape Youngplace on Shaw Street

Sweet Action Theatre Company, focused on clown and bouffon, recently opened a new theatre space in Artscape Youngplace on Shaw Street.

Sweet Action Theatre Company's journey to become a new home for the ridiculous began in mid-2018 with the production of a bouffon workshop with Nathaniel Justiniano, Artistic Director of Naked Empire Bouffon Company. Since then the company has continued to bring in top talent to teach clown and bouffon related workshops, including Deanna Fleysher, Massimo Agostinelli, Aitor Basauri and John Gilkey.

The journey had only just begun, as it turns out. Sweet Action found a permanent home at Artscape Youngplace in downtown Toronto. The 920 sq ft unit in Artscape is receiving the finishing touches on a complete renovation, transforming the original school classroom to a full-fledged, intimate theatre for the performers of the ridiculous.

There's much, much more to come, not just from Sweet Action Theatre Company and its own theatre, but from all of the workshop participants, incubator incubatees and ridiculous artists looking for a space to show off to the world what they are uniquely good at.

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