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The Toronto Fringe is pleased to announce the inaugural Paul O’Sullivan Prize for Musical Theatre brought to you by the Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts.

The award is named in honour of Canadian actor Paul O’Sullivan (1964-2012) who was known for his involvement with The Second City, and roles in The Red Green Show, Murdoch Mysteries, Dan for Mayor, and Little Mosque on the Prairie. As an improviser, a song and dance man, and a consummate comedian, he brought an unbridled passion, dedication, and sense of play to everything he did, whether it was "Skippy's Rangers" at the Fringe or "The Producers" for Mirvish.

"When we were thinking about initiating a new musical award with the Fringe, it seemed obvious to name it after Paul -- an artist who embodied the Fringe spirit of risk, energy and irreverence. The prize not only encourages new artists, but also honours a great Fringe artist who left us far too soon." – Shari Hollett
Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund is named after the late parents of Shari Hollett who were devoted fans of jazz music, theatre, improv and comedy, and had great respect and affection for those who dedicated their lives to pursuing these arts professionally.

"We are honoured to continue the legacy of both Paul O'Sullivan and Pat and Tony Adams with this prize. Musicals are such an expensive endeavor, and I hope this prize will encourage composers, writers and lyricists to be brave and bold in their creations." – Kelly Straughan, Executive Director Toronto Fringe

The First place winner will receive a place in the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival (June 29th‐ July 10th.) and a cash prize of $3,500.00, courtesy of Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts.

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