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The power of performance energy is that it can take you on a journey, often to a place you never expected, and often in a way that feels outside of yourself.

And it can be difficult to know how to come back to your centre afterwards. This experience is at the forefront of Mairin Smit’s new book, written for performers – artists, athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs.

“It’s possible to be energized, engaged, grounded, and centered both when you’re performing and when you’re not. All you need to do is bring some balance to your performance practice, giving the same space for recovery as you do for preparation,” says Smit.

In Perform. Release. Repeat: Developing Your Own Post-Performance Recovery Practice, Smit shares ideas, stories, and a series of approachable exercises to guide performers in creating an individualized practice to help release the stress and intensity of performing and create boundaries around their performance practice. Developed throughout her career in theatre, yoga and meditation, and as a Performance & Wellness Coach, the exercises are designed specifically to suit the needs, time restrictions, and space limitations of performers and appeal to many different learning styles through written instructions, pose guides, and audio recordings.

“I can’t stress enough how helpful I have found Mairin’s work. Her exercises […] have really aided me in realigning my inner order,” says actor and playwright, Kate Werneburg. “I have found the effects of the work to be lasting.”

Smit says that her book’s goal is to “empower you with the element of choice – choosing how performing impacts your life; choosing what aspects of your performance stay with you, and which ones you leave behind.”

Perform. Release. Repeat: Developing Your Own Post-Performance Recovery Practice is available now and can be purchased at!

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