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September 8th, 2020 - Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) announces that due to recent worldwide COVID-19 events, the annual Tom Hendry Awards Nominee Gala on  September 28th at 7:00 pm EST, and the Awards Ceremony on October 25th, will be presented virtually in partnership with the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. As a special event following the awards, PGC will be inviting the winners in each category  to read their plays online during the month of November.

“When we created PGC’s awards program nine years ago, the intention was to generate an opportunity to celebrate and foster a sense of pride for our playwriting community. Although we will be celebrating a bit differently this year, the program’s intention remains true and expansive.” Robin Sokoloski, Executive Director of Playwrights Guild of Canada. 

The Tom Hendry Awards ceremony will air live beginning  October 25th to October 30th, 2020 at 7:30pm EST. The Awards ceremony schedule is as follows:

  • October 25, 2020 - Robert Beardsley Award
  • October 26, 2020 - Bra d’Or Award
  • October 27, 2020 - RBC Emerging Playwright Award
  • October 28, 2020 - Sharon Enkin TYA Award
  • October 29, 2020 - Comedy & Musical Award
  • October 30, 2020 - Carol Bolt Award

The media, public, and artists from across Canada and around the world are invited to tune in for both the Nominee Gala  and the Awards Ceremony. Streaming links will be posted on PGC’s website.

Playwrights Guild of Canada is a registered national arts service association mandated to advance the creative rights and interests of professional Canadian playwrights, promote Canadian plays nationally and internationally, and foster an active, evolving community of writers for the stage.

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