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Date: October 1, 2020

After months of deliberation, Fractured Atlas the organization that founded SpaceFinder has made the decision to shut down the SpaceFinder service on October 1, 2020. Previously, they had announced that they were ending support for SpaceFinder. Fractured Atlas acknowledged that SpaceFinder had been operating at a disadvantage as they have focused their resources on enhancing Fractured Atlas’s vital and growing Fiscal Sponsorship service that are not available in Canada. 

Fractured Atlas understands that SpaceFinder has served an important role in TAPA member's creative work. This isn’t the outcome they hoped for when we first set out to make space more accessible for artists. However, they still believe that this decision will allow Fractured Atlas to continue serving the creative community through their more sustainable services.

If you have space listed on Space Finder Toronto please see the important FAQ below:

What happens to the venue data currently in SpaceFinder? 
We would recommend that you save any important information you might need for your work. This data will not be available after October 1, 2020.

I have a venue/several venues listed on SpaceFinder, how will artists in my community find them?
We encourage you to proactively engage with other marketing resources that you’re using to reach artists in your community. This could include boosting your website’s SEO or partnering with your local or regional arts council to make sure that your venue has appropriate visibility among the artists that you serve.

You could also use this opportunity to engage with previous customers and encourage them to contact you directly.

When will SpaceFinder be shut down?
As of October 1, 2020, SpaceFinder in all cities including Toronto will no longer be operational. You will not be able to log in or access any of the associated data.

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