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The performing arts are consistently innovating the cultural landscape of Toronto. Theatre, dance and opera  are amongst the most formative experiences for the public, as well as the visionary creators and  practitioners themselves. 

As women, our work for equity in Toronto has demonstrated an enduring strength of leadership. Across generations, we hear and see new voices rising alongside established women artists in our city”, says Jacoba Knaapen, Executive Director at TAPA.

As reported by the Playwright’s Guild of Canada in their PGC Annual Theatre Production Survey of 2017/18, productions by women playwrights have increased by 6.5% annually in Ontario. TAPA recognizes this good news and hopes that the voice of every woman is heard on her terms into the future.

TAPA Board President Régine Cadet says “As we celebrate women in Toronto’s art sector we need to remember that there is still a long way to go to achieve equity. It’s a time to rejoice but the struggle continues, and I’m fully engaged in it”.

TAPA recognizes and supports dedication to the principle of equity and justice for all.

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