Our industry has pivoted and many TAPA member companies have temporarily shifted to hybrid theatre, dance and opera models that include live streaming programing to pre-recorded film and digitization, as well we are anticipating the exploration of creating and utilizing outdoor spaces. TAPA is committed to tracking the numerous changes member organizations have made since the start of COVID-19 to represent the needs of our diverse membership in our ongoing advocacy efforts. One year later, we launched COVID-19 Impact Survey #4 and are now releasing the results.

The numbers tell the story and reveal the extraordinary setbacks members have encountered as the entire 2020-21 season has now been missed. In spite of these challenges, the majority of the TAPA membership anticipates being able to operate at some point during the upcoming 2021-22 season. Of 164 member organizations, 82% responded. The information released here is in aggregate.

Thank you to those organizations who were able to participate and to all TAPA members for your ongoing support of our advocacy efforts. 

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