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The Bentway has just announced eight micro-residencies as part of the Digital and/as Public Space initiative. The Bentway and From Later will work with residents Mitchell Akiyama, Sady Ducros and Richard Thomas (The Foresight Studio), Garry Ing and Dawn Walker (Hypha Worker Co-operative), Melissa Johns, Ashley Jane Lewis, Nathan Schneider, Raad Seraj, and virtual care lab to investigate how hybrid spaces and experiences, that straddle online and physical platforms, are defined, created, and maintained. 

Residents will draw from their past and current projects to inform their research and will work over the next two months to uncover and reimagine aspects of publicness such as navigation, accessibility, community participation, and identity. Research findings will then be incorporated into The Bentway’s Field Guide to the Digital Real, slated to be published May 2021.

Learn more about Digital and/as Public Space Residents.

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