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TORONTO, ON – Monday, October 29th, 2018 – Last night, the winners of the Carol Bolt Award, RBC Emerging Playwright Award, Stage West Comedy and Musical Awards, Theatre for Young Audiences Award, Robert Beardsley Award, and PGC’s Honorary Membership Award were announced at the Tom Hendry Awards ceremony at The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

Carol Bolt Award Winner - Matthew Mackenzie

Presented for the best work premiered by a PGC member in the past year, the 2018 Carol Bolt Award was bestowed on Matthew Mackenzie for Bears. The Carol Bolt Award is sponsored by Alberta Playwrights’ Network, Pat the Dog Theatre Creation, Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre, Playwrights Canada Press, Playwrights Guild of Canada, Playwrights Theatre Centre, and Playwrights Workshop Montreal.

Jury: Nina Lee Aquino (Chair), Laurel Green, Kimberley Rampersad, and Ken T. Williams.


RBC Emerging Playwright Award Winner - David Gagnon Walker

Presented for the best play by a PGC member who is an emerging playwright, the 2018 RBC Emerging Playwright Award was given to David Gagnon Walker for The Big Ship. Second place was awarded to Deanna Kruger for The Sword-Bearers and third place to Bessie Cheng for Dirt. The RBC Emerging Playwright Award is sponsored by The RBC Emerging Artists Fund.

Jury: Alanis King (Chair), Col Cseke, Sedina Fiati, and Christine Quintana.


The Robert Beardsley Award Winner - Daniel Carter

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation gives an annual award to an emerging playwright under 25 who lives in the GTA and is pursuing a postsecondary education. The Robert Beardsley Award was granted to Daniel Carter for lonelyboy99. This award was sponsored and presented by the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation and administered by Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Jury: Ali Joy Richardson (Chair), Spy Dénommé-Welch, and Nikki Shaffeeullah.


Stage West Musical Award Winner - Kevin Wong (with co-creator, Julie Tepperman)

Presented annually to a PGC member for best musical in development, the 2018 Musical Award was given to Kevin Wong (with Julie Tepperman) for The Preposterous Predicament of Polly Peel. The Stage West Musical Award is sponsored by the Stage West Pechet Family.

Jury: David Hein and Irene Sankoff (Co-Chairs), Camila Diaz-Varela, Nancy Morgan, and JP Thibodeau.


Stage West Comedy Award Winner - Damien Atkins

Presented annually to a PGC member for best comedy in development, the 2018 Comedy Award was bestowed upon Damien Atkins for Misericordia. The Stage West Comedy Award is sponsored by the Stage West Pechet Family.

Jury: Samantha MacDonald (Chair), Kristen Da Silva, Warona Setshwaelo, and John Spurway.


Theatre for Young Audiences Award Winner - Christine Quintana

Presented to a PGC member for best play intended for young audiences, the 2018 Theatre for Young Audiences Award was presented to Christine Quintana for Selfie. Funding for the Theatre for Young Audiences Award was made possible with the help of Business for the Arts’ ArtsVest program.

Jury: Tessa Mendel (Chair), Rex Deverell, Duval Lang, and Tanisha Taitt.


The Honorary Membership Award - Rachel Ditor

The Honorary Membership Award is awarded to an individual or organization for their contribution to the Canadian playwriting community and must be nominated by PGC members and voted on by PGC’s Board of Directors. Playwrights Guild of Canada is very excited to announce that Rachel Ditor is the 2018 recipient of the Honorary Member Award. Rachel will receive a PGC membership for life.

To read a full press release with synopses of the plays and short biographies of the playwrights, please click HERE.

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