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(TORONTO, ON – Monday, October 26, 2015) – Last night, the winners of the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Carol Bolt Award for Playwrights, PGC Emerging Playwright Award, Stage West Pechet Family Comedy and Musical Awards were announced at the Tom Hendry Awards ceremony at The Arts & Letters Club (14 Elm Street), Toronto.

Carol Bolt Award Winner – Jordan Tannahill

Presented for the best work premiered by a PGC-member in the past year, the 2015 Carol Bolt Award was bestowed on Jordan Tannahill for Concord Floral . Jury: Colleen Murphy (Chair), Kim Blackwell, Jessica Carmichael, and Guy Sprung.

PGC Emerging Playwright Award Winner – Rafael Antonio Renderos

Presented to the best play by a PGC-member who is an emerging playwright, the 2015 Emerging Playwright Award was given to Rafael Antonio Renderos for Salvador . Jury: Darrin Hagen, Ruth Lawrence, and Joseph Recinos.

Stage West Pechet Family Musical Award Winner – Jay Turvey & Paul Sportelli

Presented annually to a PGC-member for best musical in development, the 2015 Family Musical Award was given to Jay Turvey & Paul Sportelli for 33 1/3 . Jury: Reza Jacobs (Chair), Leslie Arden, Mitchell Marcus, and Jan Taylor.

Stage West Pechet Family Comedy Award Winner – Lorne Elliott

Presented annually to a PGC-member for best comedy in development, the 2015 Family Comedy Award was bestowed on Lorne Elliott for Mom Runs Amok . Jury: Drew Carnwath (Chair), Natasha MacLellan, Nicolle Trixie Nattrass, and Ruth Smilie.

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