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Join PACT in Celebrating  World Day of Theatre  for Children and Young People

Today we celebrate the value of theatre for children and young people and the people who create it.
World Day of Theatre of Children and Young People was created by ASSITEJ as a way to promote Theatre for Young Audiences and to 'make the case' for children's entitlement to theatre and the arts. As a lead participating member of ASSITEJ Canada we are proud to celebrate this day along with the 25+ member companies that produce theatre for young audiences.
Accompanying the day is the "Take a child to theatre - today!" message to help illustrate the importance of taking children to the theatre. ASSITEJ has more than 80 National member centres as well as Networks with affiliates across 100 countries, which provides great possibility for profile, visibility and advocacy.
This year's message has been written by Francisco Hinojosa, one of Mexico's leading authors of children's literature.
We also asked Stephen Colella, President of ASSITEJ Canada, to write a message, which we have shared on the PACT Blog. Pierre Tremblay, Vice President of ASSITEJ Canada, has translated the message into French.
PACT is a member-driven organization of professional Canadian theatres that serves as the collective voice of its members
We are a leader in the national performing arts community, and a devoted advocate for the value of live performance. Since 1979 we have focused on providing a community where theatre professionals (both artistic and administrative) can come together to discuss important issues and work together to create innovative solutions.

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