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Filament Incubator is currently seeking ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE for Lemon, written and directed by Andrew Markowiak, running from May 25-June 5, 2016.

Desperate to retain her potential after courting a barren, post-college job market, Liz opens a lemonade stand on her parents' front lawn. It wouldn't be so bad, if her high school fling wasn't determined to rekindle feelings between them, and her eight-year-old competition wasn't willing to go to any length to ensure her downfall. A biting satire of a downtrodden economy, Lemon is a tale of dog-eat-dog-eat-dog.

CASTING breakdown:

DENNIS (male, 20s) Stuck in a rut, desperate to prove his worth.

LUCY (female - late teens, 20s - to play 8 years old) Confident, intimidating, a true Mafioso. Values family above all.

Rehearsals will begin May 1. Rehearsal schedule subject to actor availability. Each actor will be paid an honorarium for their participation.

Send a headshot and resume to with the subject line "Lemon Audition" to book an audition slot and receive sides.
Auditions will be held at 6 Henry St from 12 PM-8PM on April 8 and 3pm-10pm on April 10. Sides will be provided in advance and will be available at the audition, but are not required to be memorized.

FILAMENT INCUBATOR was founded with the express intent to be a launching pad for underproduced and underrepresented emerging artists, programming them on a consistent, monthly basis. We aim to be a catalyst in the creation and development of new Canadian work that spans a myriad of perspectives and aesthetics. The Incubator is the collective brainchild of Daniel Bagg, Aaron Jan, Andrew Markowiak, and Zach Parkhurst.

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