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12957599_770483739753777_2841792926602614141_oA Swan has been torn apart in Cootes Paradise and it's innards are scattered along the shore.

When a copycat killer emerges in Hamilton 10 years later, the queer conservation­ detective club of 2006 reunites for one final adventure. An anthology­-thriller play written in a episodic vignettes, Swan explores the idea of growing up coloured in a predominantly white neighbourhood, the journey of discovering home as the second generation children of immigrants, and how the feeling of cultural inferiority can twist people into suburban monsters.

Rehearsals will begin in early fall 2016, for a performance currently scheduled in late fall 2016. Each performer will be paid an honourarium. Details will be discussed at the audition.

6 female performers for 6 roles.

Joey (Asian­-Canadian, Age 24­-29), a one­-shot wonder novelist, impulsive and fiery. Struggling to feel relevant again.

Bill (Asian­-Canadian, Age 24­-29), Joey's older, more conservative sister, struggling to keep up with her more impulsive sister. A banana girl, ashamed of her heritage.

Rachel (Latin­-Canadian, Age 24­-29), former president of the queer conservation club, now a community recreation lifeguard. Hungry for redemption.

Ron (Indo­-Canadian/Native Canadian Age 24­-29), former secretary of the queer conservation club. Now living in a circle of Caucasian University Wives. Skittish and neurotic.

Piper (Asian­-Canadian, Age 24­-29), former archivist of the queer conservation club, a former athlete having suffered a relapse into fried food. Now working/living in her mother's Bahn Mi Shop.

Jenna (Caribbean/African-Canadian, Age 24­-29), a ghost from the past.

The Audition wll be held at the Obsidian Theatre Company Office - 1089 Dundas St. East - on May 16th and 17th. Callbacks on May 19th if neccesary.

To schedule an audition please send an email to AUDITIONLBA@GMAIL.COM with the following:
-Title line “Swan Audition”
-What interests you about the project.

While we thank all those sending their applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Development of Swan was generously funded through two Theatre Creator Reserves from Pat the Dog Centre for Creation and Fu­GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company.
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