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Mary and the cherry tree, from a previous N-Town productionToronto’s renowned medieval and renaissance players continue to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a production of the N-Town Mary Play, a Medieval English liturgical drama with music.

PLS is a non-profit, non-Equity theatre company affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Original Oxford Production: Elisabeth Dutton and Clare Smout
Toronto Director: Kimberley Radmacher
Musical Director: Andrea Budgey of the medieval music group SINE NOMINE, and chaplain of Trinity College
Performances: November 6-8, 2015 at Church of The Redeemer

We’re looking for:
-1 child actor (to play 3-year-old Mary)
-Women and men actors who are comfortable speaking verse and are able to sing
-Men and women singers who are comfortable acting in small roles

Rehearsals: daytimes, evenings and weekends

Audition Dates:
-September 15: 4-9pm
-September 18: 3:30–8pm
-September 19: 2–6pm

To Apply:

Please email your resume and photo to (subject line: Auditions) to book your audition. Come prepared with a short classical monologue. You will be asked to read from the plays (modernised) and will be asked to sing. Please prepare a short song of your own choice which demonstrates your vocal range and timbre; you may also wish to sing Ave verum (plainchant) or Ther is no rose (melody line).

Roles Available
-Young Mary – 3 years old (played by up to 6-year-old)
-Adult Mary – female, young, mother of Christ, sweet, patient
-Joseph – male, older man, caring, but understandably confused!
-Joachim – male, Mary’s Father
-Anna – female, Mary’s Mother
-Angel Gabriel – male, tenor. Messenger of God
-Ysaker/Bishop/Zachary – male/singer (baritone)
-Elizabeth – female, older cousin to Mary
-Male Choir – also double as:
Senior Tribe Member, Vox, Father, Minister, Son, First Pastor, First Generation of David, Holy Spirit, Second Pastor, Second Generation of David, Third Pastor, Third Generation of David
-Female Choir – also double as:
Meditation, Messenger, Contrition, Susanne, Truth, Compassion, Rebecca, Mercy, Cleanness, Sephore, Righteousness, Fruition, Peace

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