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CASTING: Three plays for Alumnae Fireworks Festival NON UNION

Auditions September 6 thru 12 - email pic and resume to State play and character on subject line. Plays can be read at Toronto Ref Library 5th floor.

CREASES IN MY SARI -Actors: South Asian - Mahesh, female 20 grew up in Toronto(Tamil); Rani (Mahesh's Mother) mid 40s+ (Tamil)); Chanaka male mid 20s (Sinhalese); Praveen male 20s( Tamil). Perceptive and poetic light on Toronto's Sri Lankin community.

INKED HEART - Tattoo Parlor owner: ED 40s heavily inked - aspires to greatness as artist; Guy College Dude; Bette female fit 60s; Angela (female 3) shy; Josie (female) mid 20s. smart glam goth.

MOTHERLAND - European Armenian mother Ana (50s) and son Davit (20s) singer/musician; Line (Female - 25-30) French free spirit,ambitious, falls for Davit; Arman, Male - mid 20s (Line's friend) gay - sardonic, outspoken.

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