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Archetypes: Love Lust Eros & War project

August to November 2015

Conducted by R Nieoczym


August 5 to 26           Wilderness Wendings  Canada

September 22 to October 1   Las Teouleres France

October 3 to 7            Thessaloniki

October 9 to11           Platamonas

October 21 to 26        Quebec City

November 1 to 6        Bruxelles

November 11 to 15    Berlin

November 18 to 22    Vienna

November 25 to 29    Warsaw



During the 2015 /2016 season participants in the Soundings are invited to participate in the audition process of the Archetypes: Love Lust Eros & War project which is a collaborative 3 year project of research and performance with Compagnie Achtli Asbl, Bruxelles Belgique.  Participants must declare their intention to audition for this project and must learn completely one of the texts provided by the organizers. For further information on the audition process and the research and performance project contact R Nieoczym or Kathy Contreras Manzanilla.  See contact information below.



September 22 to October 1 Las Teouleres                 France

Theater And Performance Soundings 10 -day Master Classes for Actors

Contact: R Nieoczym

For photos and description of the Las Teouleres environs go to the website: Contact : Katharina Seyferth

(See description of project below)



Artists Across Borders

In these times of economic distress I am asking my European and Canadian friends to help our Greek artist friends by making, however small, a donation to assist them to continue their training in the art and craft of theatre. I am making this appeal only to people I have worked with in the past. This is not a political campaign. It is simply one artist to another across the borders saying: I am with you; I understand. As artists we are in solidarity with one another irrespective of political        conditions! Any donation would be greatly appreciated. The donations would help defray the costs for the artists in participating in my Soundings   and Ritual Actions projects this Autumn in Greece. Listed below are the bank accounts you can contribute to. Thank you.


October 3 to 7                 Thessaloniki                              Greece

VoicePower: song of hope

Theatre and the Spirit of Play in Hard Times

To all my Greek Friends I want to make a special offer:

I feel it is precisely in such hard time that we must keep faith with ourselves and find ways to nourish our soul and spirit. It is we artists who must continue to work on our craft and art in order to offer hope to one another and to the culture. In these hard economic times therefore, I propose the following:

  • Participants for the Soundings  pay a minimum of 20 Euros to cover the costs of the work space
  • And you make a donation whatever you can afford, no matter how small or large
  • For this session there will not be a fixed fee; it will be based only what the actors can afford
  • Anyone reading this if you can make a contribution but cannot participate in the Soundings,  to help the cause please contact the organizers; any help is greatly appreciated
  • The Soundings  will follow the standard training cycle listed below. Let us make this Soundings  a celebration of the artist; bring your songs and texts expressing your Love , joy, pain, anger, sorrow and hope for yourself and your country.



Contact: Giorgos Kapsalis telephone: (30) 6934 72 68 75




October 9 to 11               Platamonas                   Greece

Ritual Actions

  • To all my Greek friends: for this session there is no fixed fee; you are asked to pay only for the hotel accommodations and food; and whatever you can afford make a small donation to help the cause. For my other European & Canadian friends the regular fee is required and if you can make a further donation to help our Greek friends it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Confirmation of participation required by September 15, 2015
  • Individual sessions shall take place Sunday Night October 11, and during the day October 12


Contact R Nieoczym:

Contact: Dimitris Hatzivasilou

Mani Pagouni

Hotel Olympos Dimitris Kazantzopoulos Tel: 2352 04 13 80  or 6983 82 93 16




November 1 to 6              Bruxelles            Belgium

Soundings : Title To Be Decided

Contact: Kathy Contreras Manzanilla or

Compagnie Achtli Asbl  Avenue Brugmann, 61 bt 16 1190 Bruxelles Belgique



November 11 to 15                    Berlin                  Germany

Soundings: The Greek Tragedies

madness possession ekstasis & katharsis in Greek Tragedy

for fuller description of project see below

Contact: Claudia Syhre:



November 18 to 22                    Vienna                 Austria

Soundings : Title To Be Decided

Contact: Eva Bjork Oskardottir-Obermayer:



November 25 to 29                    Warsaw               Poland


Soundings  To Be Decided

Contact: Wilejka Zagorowska



December    dates to be confirmed          Québec City                 Canada

VOICEPOWER: Presence Scénique

& Ritual Actions:    The Elders

Contact: Nicole Champagne


le théâtre

de l’homme

Actor’s Laboratorium presents

in association with CIRFT Centre International de Recherche et de Formation Théâtral

On The River project

September 22 to Oct 1       Las Teouleres France

Theatre Apprentice -  Theatre & Performance Soundings  - 10 day Master Classes for Performers in the South of France  For photos and description of the Las Teouleres environs go to the website: in association with Centre International de Recherche et de Formation Théâtral, (CIRFT) artistic director Katharina Seyferth.) 32 Rue Des Armuriers, 32100 Condom, France. La Frontière du Gers, des Landes et du Lot & Garonne (2 hours by bus on the routes, either from Bordeaux or Toulouse)

This project is founded on and a continuation of our previous work in Canada called Theatre Apprentice, which was an Ensemble collaboration by Actor’s Laboratorium / Toronto and le contre-courant / Quebec City. The On The River project invites actors from Canada and Europe to join for 10 to 12 days of Master Classes in Theatre & Performance. As in the past we invite performers to come with projects they want to develop, either as solo performance pieces, or develop audition texts (we will focus here on how to prepare for auditions, and self presentation), or to work on specific texts and / or songs; we invite seasoned performers as well as theatre apprentices who wish to train within an Ensemble context; all training is intense and is conducted in Ensemble context and follows the Soundings format, an in - depth exploration of body, voice, rhythms, songs and texts and scene studies. By coming to France participants are forced to leave their homes, the habits of daily life and enter into an Immersion into an intense work / play process of the performer’s craft. Major focus is on performance within the Ensemble context. Participants can work in the language of their choice. An outline of the training program and the daily work / play schedule and the fee structure is available upon request.


For Further information Contact: R Nieoczym:

For photos and description of the Las Teouleres environs go to the website: Contact : Katharina Seyferth



le théâtre

de l’homme

Actor’s Laboratorium

In association with Compagnie Achtli presents

On The River project

The Archetypal Images of Love Lust and Eros A Theatre Performance Project, to be centered in Bruxelles, Belgium

For the past several years Compagnie Achtli, based in Bruxelles, (Artistic Directors Kathy Contreras Nicolas Clément) and I have been discussing the possibilities of creating a multi – lingual, multicultural theatre research and performance project which would incorporate participants from Europe, Mexico and Canada.

The project’s working title is The Archetypal Images of Love Lust Eros  & War . The artistic vision is described below.

To begin this project we propose to open the project up to performers who want to participate through a year long (2015 / 16)  audition process - in various European & Canadian cities to be announced - beginning in Bruxelles in April 2015, and co-ordinated with a series of soundings in various cities in Europe, Canada and Mexico. From the participants we shall select an Ensemble of 7 to 10 performers.

We began the soundings / auditions this April 2015 in Bruxelles. The organizers will provide a number of poems, scenes, monologues dealing with the themes of love and Eros. We encourage participants – if they so desire - to use texts in their native language and / or to translate the texts they wish to use from the recommended texts in the attachments. As the project evolves we will continue to search for other texts.

Additionally we are looking for more collaborators and organizers who can help to realize this project both artistically and administratively; if you and / or your group would like to join please let us know.

If you are interested to participate in this project as a performer and / or wish to make comments or ask questions please contact the following organizers.

Kathy Contreras   Compagnie Achtli Asbl  Rue de Dublin, 9 1050 Bruxelles Belgique

Ryszard Nieoczym   Actor’s Laboratorium


Projected Soundings autumn schedule:

For information contact Ryszard Nieoczym




Soundings: The Greek Tragedies

madness possession ekstasis & katharsis in Greek Tragedy

Master Classes for Performers conducted by Ryszard Nieoczym

Please note the following changes to the Soundings cycles

from previous years

All Soundings are rooted in the same basic patterns of direct experience: from praxis to theoria.  The performers are led through a series of cycles of the work / play process (WP). Listed below, the cycles constitute the basic building blocks of the actor training process. For past participants it provides a return to the body, a renewal to reconnect with energy sources. More importantly, however, past participants will be given expanded time and individual attention to continue their search for depth in the roles and texts they are developing. For new participants who will share the experiences with the past participants, this exposure provides an introduction to the WP    process of how to prepare and to train the body and psyche for the Total Act: to develop a body vocabulary of action with images. All Soundings begin with this basic training program.


Using texts from Medea and The Bacchae by Euripides as a point of departure we enter the world of the Greek tragedies in order to discover how to play these classical texts for a modern audience. From the perspective of the actor we begin by asking some fundamental questions.

  • how were the Greek actors in ancient times able to reach the ecstatic states necessary to perform and speak the Greek tragic texts and how can modern actors play such classical texts
  • how to discover the depth in each role
  • how can an actor prepare him or herself to create such roles
  • in the modern context how can we deal with such extreme psychological and physical states as “Ekstasis”,  “madness” and  “possession”

Within the work / process [WP ] we shall confront additional questions: What is Ekstasis and what is Katharsis for a modern audience; how to create a theatrically vibrant and vital Greek Chorus as an Ensemble; what is the function of ritual and archetypes in Greek Tragedies and finally what is the Dionysian aspect of ritual, drama and performance? And who is Dionysos?

The Training Process: The Actor Prepares

  • The Body: a rigorous training program  in rhythm, movement and dance to free and prepare the body for “exalted” states
  • The Voice: to open and extend the vocal centre to free the voice from contemporary attitudes and psycho-physical blocks; to uncover a vocal path for the actor to deal with the extremes of passions – anger, rage, jealousy -  necessary to play such roles
  • Text & Images: an in-depth analysis of the texts to discover  the images which an actor can use to develop the character and role; how to find the depth of interpretation in  physical images and not simply intellectual abstractions; to reach the total act of an actor and not to resort to familiar clichés

Participants must prepare one monologue from Medea and one monologue from The Bacchae. In addition, everyone must learn the chorus text from the Bacchae included below.

The Soundings Cycles

Cycle 1: Wake Up The Body

  • The Breath: relearning to breathe deeply and in the process to recognise the blocks in the body especially in the solar plexus
  • Wake Up The Body & The Spirit of Play via the process of Immersion: by which we open the energy centres
  • 6 Planes of Action: precision in movements and rhythm with and without partners
  • Running and Rolling: with partners; stop and go; friezes; contrast of energy levels, from fast and furious to gentle repose
  • Emphasis on Contrasts: to free the colours of the physical imagination within the body; every performer must find his / her own way through the cycles and develop a training program suited to individual needs

Cycle 2: The Voice

Voice is the barometer of the soul: to liberate and to meet with one’s true (animal) voice is to see an objective, and independent force flowing within the body intimately fused with Eros. Unblocking the Vocal Centre is based on a two-fold approach inspired by Stanislavski’s perception of the organic basis of all physical actions, and Grotowski’s process of unblocking the body resonators, to recover the power of the individual voice we once possessed as children: the true voice

Cycle 3: Image Song & Text


  • Integration: The Process of working with text and song is an integration of voice, body, rhythm, with images and this often requires unblocking the psycho-physical barriers in the vocal & emotional centres
  • Images: to recognize that all WP within theatre including the voice, body, song and text is rooted in archetypal patterns: love, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, hate, sorrow, joy, revenge: the total life of the actor. Images are developed through a series of conscious actions & reactions; e.g. silence and conscious do-nothing can be powerful images
  • Articulation: in full voice and full body and not just in the throat. This means breaking many bad speech habits of daily life from the home, school, cafes, etc. This means that the mouth and tongue and the whole face need to be played with, stretched and the daily masks broken.

Finally the WP   is a progression and integration from Deep Breath to waking up the body via a series of physical images, to freeing the animal voice, to Song and Text with emphasis on Articulation. The WP     is very physically intensive and we sweat a lot. Bring extra shirts!


Our vision of Imaginal Theatre in the Craft of The Actor

Sounding the Depths of the Actor’s Craft to achieve the Total Act in performance

Conducted by Ryszard Nieoczym

 Soundings : A nautical term used to frame the exploration process for depth in the craft and art of the Performer; specifically, to sound the depths of images within the energy centres of the voice, heart, sex, imagination; to release the Primal Rhythms in the body, to rediscover the spirit of play with precision in all actions.

Artaudthe actor signals through the flames   

Grotowski:  the actor makes a total abandonment, a sacrifice of self

The Bacchae by Euripides


Out of the land of Asia,

down from holy Tmolus,

speeding the service of god,

for Bromius we come!

Hard are the labours of god:

hard, but his service is sweet.

Sweet to serve, sweet to cry:

                              Bacchus!  Evohe!

- You on the streets!

- You on the roads!

- Make way!

- Let every mouth be hushed. Let no ill-omened


profane your tongues.

- Make way! Fall back!

- Hush.

- For now I raise the old old hymn to Dionysus.

- Blessed, blessed are those who know the mysteries of

of god.

- Blessed is he who hallows his life in the worship

of god,

he whom the spirit of god possesseth, who is one

with those who belong to the holy body of god.

- Blessed are the dancers and those who are purified,

who dance on the hill in the holy dance of god.

- Blessed are they who keep the rite of Cybele the


- Blessed are the thyrsus-bearers, those who wield in

their hands

the holy wand of god.

- Blessed are those who wear the crown of ivy of god.

- Blessed, blessed are they: Dionysos is their god.


Ασίας από γας

Ιερόν Τμώλον αμείψασα θοάζω

Βρομίω πόνον ηδύν

Κάματον τ’ευκάματον,

Βάκχιον ευαζομένα

Τις οδώ; Τις οδώ;Τις;

Μελάθροις έκτοπος έστω, στόμα τ’εύφημον

Άπας εξοσιούσθω

Τα νομισθέντα γαρ αιεί

Διόνυσον υμνήσω


Μάκαρ, όστις ευδαίμων

Τελετάς θεών ειδώς

Βιοτάν αγιστεύει και

Θιασεύεται ψυχάν

Εν όρεσσι βακχεύων

Οσίοις καθαρμοίσιν.

Τα τε ματρός μεγάλας όργια

Κυβέλας θεμιτεύων,

Ανά θύρσον τε τινάσσων,

Κισσώ τε στεφανωθείς

Διόνυσον θεραπεύει.

Ryszard Nieoczym              Tel: 416 923 6832   email:

The professional experience of Mr. Nieoczym, his great intuition, his ability to uncover the depths of the human soul, which pulsates behind each human mask, allows each participant to make a significant step along their individual artistic path.

Le Théâtre de la Recherche le contre-courant, Québec

Ryszard Nieoczym is founder & co-artistic director with Dawn Obokata of LeTHAL / Le Theatre de L’Homme Actor’s Laboratorium a theatre research and performance centre Toronto Canada. He has directed over 50 professional theatre productions in Europe, Canada and the USA. He is a former student and a collaborator of Grotowski in both his theatrical and Para theatrical work. As a playwright, has written over 40 plays which have all been produced. His artistic vision is the creation of Imaginal Theatre rooted in mythic sources; and the focus of his work is theatre research and the deepening of the actor’s craft, which he calls Soundings. He is developing a network of artistic collaborators between Europe and Canada based on theatre research projects. Current Soundings take place in Athens Thessaloniki Iraklion Crete Berlin Graz Zagreb Novi Sad Stuttgart / Tubingen Ludwigsburg Bruxelles, Amsterdam Quebec City Montreal and Buck Lake. In association with MadDam, an independent theatre group based in Athens and other independent groups in Canada and Europe,   he developed a major international project entitled Ancient Mirrors /Modern Voices, a series of one woman shows based on the archetypal figures of Medusa, Kassandra, Psyche and Eros, Pandora and Pasiphae which were performed in Athens and Thessaloniki. He is currently organizing a major project in association with Compagnie Achtli in Bruxelles involving Canada, Europe and Mexico, with the working title Archetypes of love lust & Eros a multi- lingual and multicultural performance.


Ryszard Nieoczym

Toronto Ontario Canada

Tel: 416 923 6832

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