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Auditions: October 25th

Rehearsals Begin: Late October/Early November
Performances: Dec 1- Jan 1


  • PRINCETON/ROD - Male, Any Ethnicity, Tenor, great comedic timing, ability to create and maintain two very different characters (a naive leading man and a closeted republican) through vocal and physical (puppet) work, Strong puppeteering skills required.
  • NIKKI/BAD IDEA BEAR/TREKKIE/OTHERS –Male, Any Ethnicity, Tenor, Requires excellent character work and the ability to create and maintain multiple characters (a messy roommate, adorably mischievous bear, porn obsessed shut in monster etc) vocally and physically (puppet), great comedic timing. Strong puppeteering skills required.
  • MRS THISTLETWAT/BAD IDEA BEAR/OTHERS – Female, Any Ethnicity, mezzo, great comedic timing, ability to hold harmonies, two very distinct characters (ancient schoolteacher, adorably mischievous bear), strong puppeteering skills required.
  • KATE/LUCY THE SLUT –Female, Any Ethnicity, Mezzo/Soprano, Able to create two very distinct characters (a kindergarten teaching assistant looking for a love, and a nightclub singing, self proclaimed slut) through vocal and physical (puppet) work, great comedic timing, strong puppeteering skills required.
  • BRIAN –Male, Caucasian, Baritone, a wanna-be comedian married to Christmas Eve, strong comedic timing, ability to hold harmony, not a puppeteer.
  • GARY COLEMAN – Female (to play a male Character), Black, strong mezzo, Former child star now working as the Superintendent on Avenue Q, great comedic timing, not a puppeteer.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE –Female, Asian (character is Japanese), Strong Soprano, a therapist without any clients, married to Brian, strong comedic timing, comedic Japanese accent, not a puppeteer.

*You do not need to have any experience as a puppeteer, but you need to come to the audition with (at the very least) correct sync (the puppets mouth movements should match exactly what you are saying, syllable for syllable.) The best way to achieve this skill and check your work is to puppet your material in front of a mirror (if you don't have a puppet you can just use your hand) and to know your material well.

These are non-equity paid positions.

Please send an email with your headshot/resume to with Avenue Q Auditions in the subject line indicating which character(s) you are interested in being seen for. If granted an audition you will be sent material to prepare for specific characters.

Posted by: Lower Ossington Theatre - Directed by Seanna Kennedy Musical Direction by Mike Ross Choreography by Michele Shuster

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