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Deadline: March 1st by 11:59pm 2020

AUDITIONS! New Story Productions is pleased to present auditions for

A New Immersive Experience
This Iranian underground Dance Party is a new site specific Immersive work playing this Spring in Toronto Ontario!

We are currently seeking to cast 4 roles!

The show is English with moments in FARSI. All performers will speak FARSI at times. It is a bi-lingual production mostly performed in English.

We are explicitly looking for Iranian - Canadian performers and / or middle eastern performers capable and comfortable with learning some Farsi for the production.

Character Breakdown

  • Leili – 24. Its her birthday. She is aware of the society she lives in under an oppressive regime and the dangers that exist. She is A free spirit, fun, spunky, and living her life.
  • Azeen – mid to late 30’s Slightly older female of the friend group. Not a mother, but maternal in the sense that she cares immensely for those around her and is very cautious. She is very anxious and perpetually cautious about the society she lives in. Azeen has seen more of the world and an oppressive regime than any of the other characters and is accordingly always anxious and re-lives her traumas every moment of every day. She is seen as the buzz kill of the party, she is too aware of the reality and dangers involved in every element of everyday life in Tehran. Real. Rash. All too aware and living with her traumas.
  • Man 1 – A police man / Government officer. Mid 20s-40s . Only speaks in Farsi. A government official who breaks into the party and interrogates those whose behaviours do not align with his ideals. Abusive. Strong. Ignorant. Intimidating.
  • Person 2 – A second militia member with a camera – Mid 20s – 40s. Only speaks in Farsi. A committee person who also breaks into the party and films whats going on, and ultimately assaults and abuses those with varying viewpoints on life, and how one should act in a space. Abusive. Abrasive. Strong. Ignorant. Intimidating.


  • Please email with your Headshot and Resume as well as your availability from March 3rd-5th.
  • Please confirm if you are fluent in Farsi or not.
  • Deadline to Submit is March 1st by 11:59pm 2020.
  • This Production will be PAID under a profit share model.


  • Friday May 1st 2020
  • Saturday May 2nd 2020

If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at

Only those contacted for an audition will be seen.

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