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Rehearsal & Filming Dates: March - June 2021

Fly the Nest Productions is producing Black Deer In Blizzard, a filmed stage play, for the 2021 Hamilton Fringe and we're looking for a cast.

Rehearsal & Filming Dates: March - June 2021
ISO: 1 male & 2 female actors, 20s - early 30s.

  • BEVERLY CAMPBELL - Late 20s, Any ethnicity. On-Screen Journalist. Ambitious, Bitter, Resourceful, Hopeful. A reporter with big dreams but feels trapped and beaten down in her small town position.
  • KATRINA TAYLOR - Mid to Late 20s, BIPOC. A struggling artist. Strong-willed, Downtrodden, Cunning, Passionate. Pretending to be a famous artist to live out her fantasy life.
  • TIMMY RAND - Mid 20s. Any ethnicity. Studio Manager. Determined, Optimistic, Surly, Withdrawn. A guy trying to do his best against mounting pressures and disappointment.

Please send your CV, headshot, and/or questions to You will be contacted if we wish to see a self-tape.

Black Deer in Blizzard is an equitable production aiming to represent and work with artists across Toronto & Turtle Island. We highly encourage applications from Black Artists, Indigenous Artists, Artists of Colour, Queer Artists, and other underrepresented Artists.

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