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Good Old Neon is currently auditioning for our upcoming production of Dennis Potter's Blue Remembered Hills.

Encouraging actors of all EVERYTHING to apply.

It is 1943, in the West Country, with war in the air and the world of adults still largely a mystery. The different children have different fears and temperaments. They tease, play, argue, chase a squirrel. It is still a world of considerable innocence, but innocence comes tumbling down in an awful climax.


  • Willie- excitable, loves airplanes, always watching and thinking
  • Peter- Bully, not very clever, thinks with fists, always wants what the others have
  • Raymond- Younger, sensitive, cowboy, stutter, follower
  • John- protective of brother (Raymond), intelligent, diplomatic, calms atmosphere, moral
  • Angela- girly girl, twirls hair, she uses her femininity to get her way, always gets her way, doll prop (likes playing the mummy)
  • Audrey- unfortunate, boys don’t like her and are threatened by her tomboyish nature, stroppy, happily resorts to violence
  • Donald- loner, abused, scared, isolated, introvert, scratching his body, hiding his scars with clothes.


  • Short Monologue (Any style, any character, does not have to be in your age range/gender)
  • May be asked to read a scene.

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