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We are shooting the pilot episode of a series entitled "Buschwackers".

Shooting dates will be between August 21st and August 27th, though not all actors will be required for the full duration. This is an unpaid opportunity, however, as we are shooting on-location in rural Chatham-Kent area, accommodations, food and travel will of course be provided.

"Buschwackers" is a comedy that takes place on a dilapidated golf course which has recently come under new and tyrannical ownership in small-small-town Southwestern Ontario. Think "Trailer Park Boys" meets "Community" meets "Letterkenny".

Auditions are taking place in Toronto on Sunday, August 14th. We are casting for the following roles:

ED: Lead. 18-25. Male. Intelligent. Groundskeeper.
RUSS: Lead. 18-25. Male. Impulsive. Witty though what he says doesn’t always make sense. Groundskeeper.
CLARENCE: Lead. Male. 40-50. New owner of the golf course. Tyrant-like.
SCOTT & JOE: Supporting. 17-20. Groundskeepers. Always drunk/stoned Constantly getting into trouble while avoiding doing work.
GLEN: Male. Supporting. 25-35. Head of groundskeeping. Essentially 3rd in command.
JILL: Female. Supporting. 18-25. Works as a server in the clubhouse restaurant.
SIR FREDERICK: Supporting. 18-25. Male. Member of the club. His father is on the board of the course. Very wealthy. Likely closeted, and is overcompensating by being a huge misogynist.
SIR MARTIN: Supporting. 18-25. Male. Also a member, also wealthy. Misogynist/douchebag/meathead.
TOMMY/TOMMI: Supporting. 25-35. Bartender in the restaurant. Could be male or female.
DRUNK DALTON: Elderly. Former golf pro turned alcoholic.
PATTI: 30s. Server in the restaurant.
CARLOS/CARLA: Restaurant chef. Sells drugs. Could be male or female.

Please submit headshots and resumes to
Please indicate what role(s) you'd like to be considered for. We are open to any ethnicity. We are also open to gender-bending and are still open to changing the gender of some characters.
Please indicate if you are union or non-union.

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