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Still seeking the roles of:

GLEN - Male. Supporting. Goofy. 25-35. Essentially 3rd in command of the golf course. In change of course maintenance.

MARTIN - Male. Supporting. 18-25. Wealthy son of members of the club. Misogynist. Bigger, muscular build.

*Live auditions are now over but we are looking for self-tapes, email for the sides*

We are shooting the pilot episode of a series entitled "Bushwackers".
Shooting dates will be between August 21st and August 27th, though not all actors will be required for the full duration. This is an unpaid opportunity, however, as we are shooting on-location in rural Chatham-Kent area, accommodations, food and travel will of course be provided.
"Buschwackers" is a comedy that takes place on a dilapidated golf course which has recently come under new and tyrannical ownership in small-small-town Southwestern Ontario. Think "Trailer Park Boys" meets "Community" meets "Letterkenny".

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