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MediaFace is creating training videos for CAA's Student Safety Patrol Program.

These videos will be viewed by elementary school students in the fall to learn how to be patrollers.

In the past these videos have used police officers as hosts, but this year we want to use teenage hosts.

We're looking to film these videos during the week of July 17th. We'll select a location convenient to the host's location.  Filming will take approx 2.5 hours.

The applicants do not need to have experience as safety patrollers. They just need to be able to memorize a couple of sentences and present that to camera.

We want to use one male and one female teenager, ages 13-16.  We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds.

We can offer a $150 honorarium to each host. They will need to have their parents sign a release form.

An example of the script is:

"It's time to start your training to be a Bus Patroller. Everyday in Ontario more than 800-thousand students take the bus to school and back. Your job is to help make sure your classmates stay safe during their travels."

To be considered, please supply a short video reading the script above. A cell phone video is fine, as long as we can hear and see you.

Send these videos to by Thursday, July 13th.

If you have any questions, you can reach Leslie or Emanuela at 416-778-9191

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