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Something About KAZ is a theatre collective from Toronto, Ontario.

We make theatre for concert goers, and concerts for theatre goers. We are run by badass women. We want to work with all badass musical people.

We are seeking five dancers for our upcoming web series “DANCE FOR ME TORONTO”. Dance For Me Toronto is a web series exploring the intersection between performing arts practices. Dance For Me Toronto is an intimate, cross-disciplinary experimentation between local Toronto musicians and dancers. Each episode features a different set of talent who work together to produce a live exchange of dynamic movements and sounds.

We are looking for dancers with various dance backgrounds and training. All dancers will commit to a one day shoot of approximately 2 hours. Filming will take place in late March. The sections will not be pre-choreographed, but will be improvised along to music that we will provide. This is a non-paying project, though we are currently fundraising and may be able to provide some compensation at a future date. This is an easy commitment and footage will be available to use for demo reels.

If you are interested, please send an email to with a resume and headshot if possible.

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