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Apply by June 21th, 2019

For the premiere of In This House written by Grace Thompson at the Rendevouz With Madness festival, October 10-20, 2019.

Looking for four actors with availability for a reading/workshop weekend in mid August, rehearsals beginning in September with five performances between October 10-20th

Payment: Profit share model

In This House is a dark comedy into the world of four young people living in Toronto together struggling with relationships, love, death, time and the concept of happiness. This play is a love letter to Toronto and this generation of young artists.

Note: Characters are not gendered in this play - please submit based on the personality traits for any one or two of the characters you feel you could shine in. Actors anywhere from 21-35 are welcome to submit for any of these roles.

Charlie: early 20s-Introverted, shy, loves punk music, and always look like they just woke up, has a lot of depth.

Minka: mid 20s-Frigid, sharp, intelligent, wise, regal, has a very monotone way of talking

Remi: late 20s-Intense, loud, charismatic, says everything bluntly, and matter of fact (preferably a singer)

Jinx: late 20s-Charming, flamboyant, intelligent, seemingly older than they are, moves like a dancer (drag experience is a plus)


Please state in the heading of your email, your name and if you are Equity/Non Equity. Please attach your headshot/CV and state any one or two characters you would like to audition for, to: by June 21th Auditions will take place, last weekend of June with callbacks likely the following day.

If you are selected for an audition we would like you to prepare one short contemporary monologue and be familiar with the sides given to you. If you are a singer, or play any instruments (this is encouraged but not required) please prepare a contemporary song and state you are doing so in your email.

"We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our city and community. We welcome and encourage submissions from performers of all genders, cultures, ethnicities and abilities. We are committed to providing accommodations for persons with disabilities. If you require accommodation please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs."

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