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Two different people, from, what seems to be in today's prospective, not the same age generation.
He is just entering his adulthood, but still a teenager, even though he is not accepting the fact (obviously. As 99% of teenagers do). Thinking he has it all figured out, the reality is, he doesn't. Is he grateful for the opportunity to study abroad? No. Is he studying what he's hoping to be his next career? Not sure on that either. Standard early age drama, that we are all going through at one point. What we do know about him? He loves dancing.

Our heroine. Besides the fact that she gives a strong first impression, she's been put through same circles of hell, which she kept telling herself were right, rational choices. Her "dream world" ends as soon as she hits her first days of work. Which becomes very apparent to her that it's not about to be an easy candy.

What unites them?
- First, they are neighbors-next door.
- Second, they see each other for who they really are.
- Third, both of them have a secret passion, that never been exposed.
- Fourth and most important, they unintentionally change each others life.

Technical notes:
Dance and singing skills are certainly a plus, but not a necessity. Choreography will be learned bit by bit.
Rehearsals mid/end April - June. Show 5th-16th of July. 2017.
It is a settled musical. 2-3 dance segments. As for the singing. Lip syncing.

One more character left to cast
Any ethnicity. Male 22-32
Dude: Pervert minded, middle aged man, who just cannot help himself to be in control, especially when it comes to pretty, powerful woman around him.
1 scene
Friend: Adam's classmate. Smart, a bit nerdy, never says no, even though believes in fairness when it comes to friendship
1 scene * Over the phone conversation. Never see on stage

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