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Now casting for Emily and EV, to be presented as part of Storefront Theatre’s Feminist Fuck It Festival.

Written by Jocelyne Lamarche, this new work is about the divine feminine and the wisdom that springs forth from a woman’s body when she least expects it. Emily and EV tells the story of one woman’s complicated and often fraught relationship with her vagina. Emily has yeast infections, ovarian cysts, irregular periods and a growing knowledge of DIY-remedies. Through poems, stories and music, her sentient-mystic vagina, EV, attempts to reconcile their differences.

This piece offers something special for the audience and artists alike-- particularly those that live with vaginas. Culturally, there is a lot of shame and mystery surrounding female genitalia and reproductive health. Many of us have a plethora of anxieties and fascinations with the more private parts of our bodies. Exploring these ideas from a female perspective has the potential to offer a cathartic and normalizing experience.

Emily and EV is currently in development and we are seeking performers who are interested in contributing to the evolution of this piece. Those with strong movement, dance and or improvisation skills are highly encouraged to apply. Under the direction of Jocelyne Lamarche we will be working collaboratively to weave together several elements of this piece including live music, text and movement.

Emily (f) 20-30 years-old: Woman with chronic vaginal health problems
EV (f) 20-75 years-old: mystic, ethereal, divine-feminine, she is Emily’s vagina but also takes on several roles throughout the piece.

While we accept applications from all passionate artists, we are especially interested in working with queer women and women of colour for this project.

Rehearsals will be scheduled approximately 15 hours/week over a four week period. Emily and EV will be performed during the evening of April 18th.

Artists will be compensated with a small honorarium at the end of the festival.

AUDITION DATES: March 5th and 7th 3pm-6pm

To submit, please email Jocelyne Lamarche ( by FRIDAY MARCH 2 at midnight with a headshot, resume, a quick write-up of why you’re interested in the project and preferred audition time.

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