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Headstrong Collective (with Lark & Whimsy Collective) is seeking actors for Salt, a new Canadian play by Erin Vandenberg.

Salt focuses on the relationship between two teenage sisters and their alcoholic mother in an isolated Northern Ontario town. The play was shortlisted for Tarragon Theatre’s RBC Emerging Playwright’s Award in 2013, and the National Play Reading Series at Nightwood Theatre’s 2014 Groundswell Festival.

Production dates: September 14-25, 2016
Rehearsals: August-September, 2016 (part-time)
Contract: Artists’ Collective Policy

Vivian, 37 (or so) [Open ethnicity] – appears older than she actually is. Lilias and Petal’s mother. A heavy drinker with impeccable diction, clinging to an idea of gentility as a way to cope with the hard realities of her life. Vivian is an alcoholic who as never acknowledged her alcoholism – what an absurd idea, she might say.

Lilias, 19 (or so). [Open ethnicity] Vivian’s elder daughter. Lilias is tough but tired of being tough. She has been the only source of stability for both her mother and sister. She resents Vivian and is protective of Petal. Her guilt over leaving her sister a year ago brings her back.

*Petal, 16 (or so). Vivian’s younger daughter. A lifetime of living with an alcoholic has stunted Petal’s emotional development. She lives for her inner world, a beautiful landscape she creates out of contruction paper and glitter glue.
*Please note: The role of Petal has already been cast.

George, 19 (or so). [Indigenous, Black, Asian, South-Asian, Middle-Eastern or Latino] Lilias’ high school boyfriend; his love is true and he goes to great lengths to prove it. Desperate to be seen as an adult. Head cashier at the grocery store (the one with the cigarettes). Loves camping.

Rose, a hallucination. [Open ethnicity] Also Vivian’s sister. She appears as a glamourous bombshell circa Hollywood’s Golden Age. She represents a part of Vivian’s past and offers insight into Vivian’s character.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please send a headshot and resume to by Friday April 22. Email subject lines should read ‘Submission: Actor Name, Character Name.’ Attached files should be formatted with the actor’s full name. Ex. Betty Boop Resume.pdf

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