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Flash in the Deadpan Productions is seeking talented actors of various genders, ages, and ethnic groups to join the fun which is The Joy of Sax!

In the new genre of saxploitation comedy, The Joy of Sax is a 60-minute play about an aspiring musician who makes spectators euphoric by playing the saxophone and quickly finds his talent exploited by a shameless agent, an obsessive landlord, and a diverse collection of insatiable fans. We are excited that The Joy of Sax will premiere on stage July 4th-15th at the Toronto Fringe Festival!

Most actors in this production are responsible for multiple comedic roles. Experience performing comedy and improv is an asset.

Casting for the following roles:
- LUKE a.k.a. DUKE: Male, 18-25, Caucasian, An aspiring saxophonist with an unusual talent and big dreams.
- AGENT: Male, 30-50, Caucasian, A sleazy charlatan who is full of malapropisms and exerts a strong influence over Duke.
- MOTHER: Female, 40-60, Caucasian, A loving, over-protective, religiously repressed wife and mother.
- LANDLORD: Male, 40-65, Any Ethnicity, An obsessive military man who has a soft spot for Duke's sax.
- LILY: Female, 20-35, Asian, A clairvoyant saxophone instructor, makeup artist, and gang member.
- FATHER/SAD CLOWN: Male, 40-60, Caucasian, A domineering, religiously zealous husband and father, a sad clown with juggling and miming skills.
- MUSIC TEACHER/REPORTER/PODCAST HOST/BUSINESS WOMAN: Female, 20-35, Any Ethnicity, An eccentric music lover, a disinterested on-camera and podcast personality, a Type A capitalist.
- KAL/JUNKIE/ROCKER/NERD: Male, 20-30, Any Ethnicity, A cynical songwriter/guitarist, a junkie who needs a technological fix, a rocker who plays harmonica, a nerd with thick glasses.
- BURLESQUE DANCER/PROSTITUTE/SCIENTIST: Female, 45-60, Any Ethnicity, A vibrant dancer, a matter-of-fact call girl, an analytical scientist.
- WAITER/DOCTOR/MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR/SECURITY GUARD: Male, 20-40, Asian, An athletic martial artist and security guard, the model of professionalism as a doctor and a waiter.
- PRIEST: Male, 35-60, Any Ethnicity, A friendly priest with a corny sense of humour.
- MASSEUSE, WIDE-EYED FAN: Female, 20-30, Asian, A no-nonsense masseuse and an oblivious spectator.
- STORE OWNER: Male, 35-60, Asian, A gruff small business owner.

Auditions for the Joy of Sax will take place in March.
Interested? Email your headshot and resume to Tim at by Monday, March 5th.

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