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Deadline: Friday September 27th 2019 at 5pm

LastName FirstName Productions is seeking two queer-female identifying dancers for an upcoming short film. Soft is a romantic duet that is positioned through the queer- female gaze of choreographer Patricia Allison. This film is being created as a direct response to male-gaze that is, in our opinion, too often layered on top of female-ness and, in particular, queer female representation.

This film has been selected by RT Collective for Screen:Moves 2020 and will premiere in February 2020. Two to three Rehearsals will take place in early October with the filming happening in one single day between October 21st-30th dependant on availability.

There is a minimum $50 honorarium with grants being submitted in an effort to acquire more funding.

Patricia Allison is a Dora Award winning choreographer who creates under the name LastName FirstName Productions and has recently earned her MFA in Dance. The mandate of LNFN Productions is to create intimate and provocative movement narrative focusing on what stories are being told and what modalities are being used to tell them.

If you are interested in submitting for this film, please send an email to stating why you are interested in this work and a short video of yourself dancing (Can be any previous video you have. There is no need to create a video specifically for this purpose.)

If you have any questions, cares, or concerns please contact Patricia Allison at

Submit by Friday September 27th 2019 at 5pm

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