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The Creation Coffin is currently casting for an upcoming children’s musical workshop.

Rehearsals will begin the third week of June and the show will go up the Third week of july. (currently confirming the exact performance date). 2-3 rehearsals per week. Willing to be as flexible as possible.

This is a paid opportunity. We will be offering a $75 dollar honorarium for each performer. In addition, priority casting for the full production later this fall.

Roles: (Except for Billie, Actors play multiple roles)

Billie- Confident and silly, adventurous and headstrong. She’s not perfect but is acutely aware no adults are either. No matter what happens, she is kind and knows that she should love herself, even if it gets hard. She is always happy to take on her haters.
Voice type: Strong belt/ Mix, Some dance (tap)

Witch- A mix of serious (your nasty vice principal who's always disappointed in you) and classic fairytale creature (Old stinky witch). She's the voice inside your head saying that you're not good enough.
Voice type: Mature Mezzo/Alto

Francine- Lady bunny rabbit. Friends with Fluffer. Classic timid bunny but she got some spunk.
Dance Required (tap) Bunny voice.

Mom- Classic Mom. She speaks in cliches a lot. A bit laid back, but loves her daughter enough to scold her when she becomes a bit too much.

Old Tree- Old sassy british lady. Except she's also a tree.
High class British accent required

Dad- Classic dad. Lots of cliches and loves his daughter so much. He thinks she's magical.

Heros-Toxic Masculinity embodied. They're headstrong but they are too young to know anything. Pretty sexist, but it is based in ignorance. They CANNOT sword fight.
Baritone/ Tenors. Stunts would be cool. Stage combat an asset.

Fluffer- Guy bunny rabbit. Friends with Francine. Timid but gains confidence over the course of the show.
Voice type: Mezzo/ Belt, Bunny voice Dance required (tap)

Troll- Donald Trump, except he's a troll. I mean Donald Trump being a troll as always, but he's also an actual mythical troll.
Baritone. Trump impersonation an asset. Large guy.

This show is about a young girl coming to terms with a big modern world through the lens of a classic fairy tale. She faces issues such as toxic masculinity, gender norms and living in a world full of Trumpian ideals.

Please email us with a head shot, resume and character preferences to

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